Current Projects
Idaho Intermountain West Transmission Line
Cornerstone was recently selected to perform right of way support services for the Idaho portion of a 275 mile long 500kV transmission line extending through the Intermountain West. Cornerstone will be responsible for ownership confirmation and will assist our client’s staff in the establishment of options and easements for the line. This line is proposed to be an integral addition to the electrical infrastructure of the Western United States!
Bayonne, New Jersey
Bayonne Energy Center
Cornerstone is proud to support Bayonne Energy Center (BEC) with detailed design, survey, and field engineering services for their Fuel Gas Compressor Yard.

The facility includes four 2000 Hp electric drive, single-screw compressors, as well as fuel gas pressure regulation with electric preheat, blending controls, and recycle cooling for 100% turndown. Special design features include all process equipment six feet above grade for flood protection, 100% pile supported foundations, and construction in hazardous soils.