June 15, 2017– Cornerstone Energy Services and Kappa Mapping have reached an agreement to join forces. The combination of these two well-respected companies will enable clients in the energy, municipal, and environmental industries to take advantage of a wide variety of mapping, surveying, engineering, and land services.

"We have known Kappa for many years and have always appreciated their high quality services. We are delighted to have them be part of the Cornerstone family."
–Steve Sawyer, VP, Cornerstone Energy Services

The Kappa team will continue to operate from the Bangor office, and will be offering mapping services from all the Cornerstone locations throughout the United States. We will be working to expand and integrate these mapping services both geographically and in concert with Cornerstone's engineering, surveying and real estate offerings. The Bangor office will also continue to offer their high-quality and innovative services to their current clientele in the transportation, aviation and natural resource sectors.

"Cornerstone is a great fit for Kappa – our team looks forward to diversifying our mapping services and expanding our geographic reach by taking advantage of their national reputation in the energy industry"
– Claire Kiedrowski, President, Kappa Mapping

The combined companies will have a workforce of approximately 95 people located in nine states.

About Cornerstone:
Founded in 2012, Cornerstone provides engineering, survey, and real estate services to the energy infrastructure industry.

About Kappa:
Since 2003, Kappa Mapping has been providing a wide range of aerial photography, photogrammetry, and digital mapping services that help a variety of clients – architects, engineers, surveyors, developers, airport planners, utility firms, municipalities, and government agencies – solve complex problems, monitor important resources, and better manage their communities.
Natural Gas

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Cornerstone Energy Services can provide petroleum system operators with survey, land acquisition, HCA determination, pump station design, metering, and many other technical services.